Upon graduating high school, Jason’s plans were to attend Notre Dame University. His mother insisted he apply to Texas A&M University as a plan B and 1 day before the deadline, Jason submitted a last-minute application. Thank God he did, because that is where he would end up meeting met his future wife, Camille!

Camille’s story is very similar to Jason’s. All throughout high school she dreamed of moving to the New York City after graduation to pursue an education in business. She loved the idea of living in the big apple and the challenges that would come with it. However, Camille got cold feet as graduation approached and ultimately decided to attend Texas A&M, as well. It is there where Jason & Camille met only four months before her graduation.


To this day, Camille remembers seeing Jason for the first time and instantly knowing he was the “ONE.” Jason, on the other hand, had no intention of dating at the time. Camille asked him to be in an exclusive relationship prior to her graduation knowing that their time together was limited. She had plans to move back to San Antonio after graduation and felt like the chances of them seeing one another again were slim to none (unless they established a relationship). He said no! Camille was persistent in her pursuit to make Jason her boyfriend (mostly because she can’t take no for an answer) and eventually those efforts paid off 9 months later they finally became an official couple.

Fast forward two and half years, Jason and Camille planned a trip to NYC in May 2018. Jason knew this would be the perfect time & place to propose. He began to plan 3 months prior to their trip. He reached out to friends living in the area for ideas, booked a photographer, researched locations, and custom ordered a ring! On the day of the proposal, they explored the Brooklyn Bridge in the pouring rain, shopped in SOHO, and eventually made their way to the largest rooftop bar in NYC, where Jason popped the question!

Camille had no inkling a proposal would take place during this trip but is so happy that it did! She could not have dreamt of a better proposal and is shocked Jason was able to pull it off! They are overjoyed, more in love than ever and can’t wait to celebrate their special day at Jennings Trace in October 2019!