Rosalynn and Elmer met through mutual friends. Rosalynn’s college roommates  happened to be Elmer’s best friends. Their friends would always speak of the other and would often joke about the idea that they should meet in order to begin dating.

This would continue for two years, and in February 2013 it finally happened, Rosalynn and Elmer met for their friend’s Engagement Party.

Though their story did not officially begin that day, their first impressions were definitely a memorable one. Elmer’s first remarks to Rosalynn may not have been the most flattering as he jokingly mocked her running shoes and ability to run. Rosalynn may have not made a great first impression as their friends surprised her with a shirt that reminded them of her that said, “I tooted.”

Even with slightly embarrassing first encounters, Rosalynn and Elmer began their friendship through social media but never had real conversations or interactions. It was a year later that the both of them coincidently attended a Houston Dynamo game. They decided to meet each other within the stadium, and Rosalynn gave Elmer her number to be able to find each other. The interaction was brief but through that, they began to keep in touch and to see each other on occasion. Their first time hanging out one-on-one was a Rockets vs Mavericks game, which Rosalynn should have known he was the one by him accepting that invitation. From then on, they continued to make memories as friends by finding different activities that they both enjoyed, most of which included food.

This continued for the next couple of years, and they both came to the realization that the after-work and weekend hangouts began to mean more than just friendship. Their story officially began on January 2016; they grew closer to each other throughout that time, and on April 2017, Elmer proposed to Rosalynn. It was an all-day event, that included sweet nostalgic memories of dates they had been on in their relationship. From visiting local parks, favorite eateries, and inevitably ending at the Houston sign outside of Gelazzi, which was the location of one of their first pictures together even prior to when they started dating. It was such a memorable moment and memorable day. The two are getting married December 2018 and they can’t wait to spend this special day with their family and friends!