Welcome to the Jennings Trace Wedding & Event Venue website!

Jennings Trace has been a dream of mine for many years as I coordinated events at other venues. Throughout my experience with brides, families and various organizations, I’ve been taking mental notes for the day when I would design, and build my own event venue. My dream is now a reality and I’m excited to share Jennings Trace with you!

I grew up not far from the Jennings Trace property, and I have always loved the scenic views of this heavily wooded region that is home to beautiful native plants, including my favorite, the wild rose bushes. As a child, I loved exploring our wooded property and to recreate my experiences, we have blazed several traces or trails through the Jennings Trace property that lead to romantic and serene settings. These traces are one half of the inspiration for the name “Jennings Trace.”

While part of me is nature-loving, the other part loves the manmade design of modern architecture, thus the sleek, modern style of the Wildrose Chapel, the Moon Vine Pavilion and the Blue Willow Bridal Suite. The angled beams, cantilevers, glass, clean lines and natural warm materials give the premises a modern feel, and the openness to nature through the walls of windows, I feel like it marries nature to the comfort of the indoors.

Throughout the design process, I’ve thought over every detail – from the hidden-from-view route the bride will take from the Bridal Suite to the Wildrose Chapel, to ensuring the most beautiful trees are visible through the windows. There is plenty of room for a large wedding or corporate event, but the beauty of the architecture and natural surroundings provide a sense of intimacy, too. Jennings Trace truly provides a stunning, awe-inspiring backdrop designed to enhance your event experience.

While Jennings Trace is in the different stages of construction, we are offering special rates. Please check out the website for more details and contact me if you have any questions.

I look forward to many years of helping brides realize their dream wedding just as I’ve realized my dream in the creation of Jennings Trace.

Corbin Mock