We met in college at Texas State. Mason was one of my best friends first friends at Texas State. I told a friend one day I thought he was cute but not to say anything because I am sure I would meet him out one night… Well the next night at the bar of course she runs up to him and introduces us haha! Mason then invited my friends and I to a NYE party where we could not stop talking and hanging out. He kissed me at midnight and from then on out we continued hanging out. We were so much alike we immediately became best friends. That Valentines Day he asked me to go on a beach trip with some friends and he then made it official.

The Proposal – We had found a great deal to go to Cabo for his birthday weekend. Friday the 14th we arrived (his birthday) and we had plan to do a sunset cruise to the arch rocks because that was on our bucket list. I had not one clue he was going to propose that weekend and he hadn’t given be any hints. So that evening we get on the sunset cruise have dinner and drinks. As we are headed back the lady started having the couples take pictures individually then as a couple. So I then go up to take my picture. When I am finished mason starts walking up (I think to take a picture together) almost falls into the ocean haha and gets down on one to knee to propose. I was in complete shock but it was the sweetest and best proposal ever!