October 1, 2020

Need to Plan a Smaller Wedding Due to the Pandemic?

Need to Plan a Smaller Wedding Due to the Pandemic? Here’s How to Shrink Your Wedding Guest List Are you needing to plan a smaller wedding […]
September 26, 2020

Wedding Movies You Must Watch – Part 2

See Wedding Movies You Must Watch Before Your Big Day  for the part 1 of our wedding movies every bride-to-be must watch before her big day […]
September 19, 2020

Wedding Movies You Must Watch Before Your Big Day

Whether you are looking for inspiration or just need a break from all the wedding planning, wedding movies are the best! There is nothing like a […]
September 12, 2020

Pros and Cons of a Seating Chart

When planning your wedding, one thing couples tend to struggle with is the seating chart. Where to seat everyone can be a daunting task. Not only […]
September 5, 2020

Unity Candle Ceremony at Your Wedding

Looking to include a unity candle ceremony or something similar in your wedding? While some are cultural traditions that go back hundreds of years, some are […]
August 29, 2020

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas for the Recently Engaged You have waited your whole life to be asked “Will you marry me?” Now it’s your turn to pop […]
August 22, 2020

Kids At Your Wedding: Yes or No

Tips to help you decide if your wedding is “kid-friendly” One of the hardest things you’ll have to do when planning your wedding is make a […]
August 8, 2020

Should You Hire A Wedding Planner?

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August 1, 2020

How to Pick Your Wedding Music: Your Matrimonial Playlist

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